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DeFi Report - DeFi & Cryptocurrency News Latest News DeFi Boson Protocol announced partnership with Tommy Hilfiger Boson Protocol announced this Monday, March 21, through its Twitter account, its new association with Tommy Hilfiger for… by Jenny R March 22, 2022 DeFi BNB Chain announced collaboration with Aptos Labs

The DeFi Report is an educational newsletter and community for everyday folks looking to stay ahead of the once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities available today in decentralized finance. - Bitcoin - Ethereum - Solana - Avalanche - Decentralized Exchanges - Lending & Borrowing - Stablecoins - Insurance

The DeFi Economy Built on Ethereum As of July 1, 2021, there are now 161 million unique Ethereum addresses, a 10% increase from the end of Q1 2021, and a slight decrease in the 12% growth from the beginning of the year. By the end of Q2, 2.91 million unique addresses used at least one DeFi protocol, a growth of 65% from Q1.

By the end of Q1, 1.75 million unique addresses used at least one DeFi protocol, despite DeFi users growing by 50% this quarter, and a 10x increase from the end of Q1 2020. Still, DeFi users only represent about 1% of the total Ethereum addresses.

A Report on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an emerging crypto innovation that goes beyond banking and beyond borders to create a new internet-native global financial ecosystem. DeFi has started to reshape global finance and e-commerce, yet the asset category remains mysterious to many investors.

DeFi: 2021 Report Since MakerDAO came out in 2015, many more DeFi applications have been in the banking world. Technology changes for years, but 2021 was the year DeFi found its sweet spot and really took off. When DeFi looked at the value of the top protocols. It went from less than $1 billion to close to $90 billion today.

The DeFi Report Helping you separate noise from signal in the complex world of decentralized finance. By Michael Nadeau · Launched 10 months ago Top posts About Archive Authors Login Let me read it first Cycle Reflections & Learnings: DeFi A review of the current state of DeFi and the leading lend/borrow apps Michael Nadeau 1 New Top Community

OECD - OCDE report "Why Decentralised Finance ( #DeFi) Matters and the Policy Implications " I admit that I haven't found time to read the whole 70-page report. Concerning one reader's objection to its length, however, I'd say, in general, there are things that should be written in few words, but there are also things that require many words.

This report covers the main DeFi trends in Q4 2020 and what we are anticipating in 2021: The swift rise of stablecoins Bitcoin on Ethereum Filecoin on Ethereum What will it take for centralized finance to embrace decentralized finance? NFT Marketplaces Social Money for Communities and Creators Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Penguin shared details about updates - DeFi Report Penguin shared details about updates by Jenny R November 11, 2021 3 minute read 7 Shares Peguin Finance shared last Wednesday, November 10, through its Twitter account, the details about its updates. Image on Penguin Finance's Twitter post "We are proud of what has happened in recent weeks.

DeFi Research. Share. Professional and enterprise-grade research reports on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Lending, Stablecoins, Yield Farming and Decentralized Exchanges. 237 REPORTS SINCE 10/2/2018.

Mapping Decentralized Finance (DeFi) By Joel John & Lawrence Lundy-Bryan 2 Peer-to-peer electronic financial instruments What is Decentralised Finance or DeFi? 1. Issuance 1.1 Stable Tokens 1.2 Debt Markets 1.3 Securities, Insurance and NFTs 2. Ownership 2.1 Wallets 2.2 Fund Management 2.3 Payments Networks 3. Trading 3.1 Decentralised ...

Coinbase Archives - DeFi Report Browsing Tag Coinbase 16 posts DeFi Coinbase announced new tokens available on the platform Coinbase announced last Wednesday, December 8, through its Twitter account, that FOX, IDEX, MCO2, POLS, SPELL and SUPER… by Jenny R December 9, 2021 DeFi Coinbase announced acquisition of Unbound Security

Scallop announced last Tuesday, October 19, through its Twitter account, its first Initial Blockchain Offering (IBO) for the…. by Jenny R. October 20, 2021.

The total DeFi market cap opened May 2022 at $111.2 billion according to Tradingview - an 11% increase in the just over six months since that was written. Goldman Sachs - 'Bitcoin Could Hit...

The biggest risk in DeFi is the so-called rug pull, which can be generalized to any action by the project team that is unexpected and harmful to investors, but often immensely profitable to the project team. To some extent DeFi allows more opportunities for such actions, because the space is new, quick-moving, and investors are hungry for new ...

OECD - OCDE report " Why Decentralised Finance (#DeFi) Matters and the Policy Implications " I admit that I haven't found time to read the whole 70-page report. Concerning one reader's objection to its length, however, I'd say, in general, there are things that should be written in few words, but there are also things that require many words.

Download the full report 19 January 2022 - The growing application of Decentralised Finance or DeFi and its increasing interconnectedness with traditional markets presents an urgent challenge for policy makers, as DeFi applications give rise to important risks and challenges for participants and the markets.

DeFi is a novel and fast-growing area of financial services, and this report outlines key areas of concern for IOSCO." The IOSCO report offers a comprehensive review of the fast-evolving DeFi mar ket, its new products, services and principal participants. It identifies some products and services which are novel to DeFi.

DeFi Research Reports Looking to dive deeper into some of the sectors leading projects? Our research reports provide in-depth analysis of key metrics like volume, usage and on-chain interactions. Project Specific Reports 0x V3 Upgrade Drives New Growth: 0x Protocol 2020 Research Report Ethereum's liquidity protocols continue to grow in volume.

DAFI Protocol reported last Monday, May 31, through its Twitter account, that the DAFI Liquidity Rewards program is live. According to the company, starting today, users who provide liquidity to the DAFI / ETH trading pair on Uniswap will be rewarded with an initial APY of 401.83%.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has experienced tremendous growth since mind-2020. While it is still in its early days, DeFi has shown us that decentralising financial services at scale is possible. In this report, we have set out to share some key considerations in the area of governance, security, tax and regulatory that we believe the DeFi ecosystem should take note.

MakerDAO is a complex protocol, but anyone that devotes the time to study it will find that it is very well run (risk-averse), has proper incentive structures, and plays a critical role within DeFi. If you got some value from this week's report, please share it with your friends, family, and social networks. Share The DeFi Report

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is a fast-growing part of the crypto financial system. The rise of cryptoassets can be traced back to a whitepaper (Nakamoto (2008)) outlining a peer-to-peer transaction mechanism - blockchain - and the creation in 2009 of the first consequential cryptoasset - Bitcoin (BTC).

Growth in the use of DeFi over the past two years has been staggering, the total capital locked in DeFi services has grown by over 1,700% to $247 billion in the past year alone. The same openness and innovation that makes DeFi so powerful also brings with it new risks.

This report provides insights into the performance of the Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem in Q3 2020, and how specific protocols and users responded to market events in the first half of the year. Main topics covered include: Overall DeFi data statistics, summaries, and analyses. The Performance of Major Incumbent DeFi Protocols.

Goldman Sachs DeFi Report While their DeFi report isn't public, these excerpts and a graph have been made available: 'DeFi is easier to access for underbanked populations and provides faster settlements for users. The DeFi market has expanded dramatically since the middle of 2020 - roughly 10x on the most common measure.'

Secondly, the report argues that web 2 is a more welcoming environment for its content creators than web 3 platforms. Whereas Facebook takes nearly 100% of revenue from its content creators, NFT platforms like OpenSea only charge 2.5% fees on NFT sales.

Much of DeFi activity takes place on the Ethereum blockchain, but any blockchain that supports certain types of scripting or coding can be used to develop DeFi applications and platforms. DeFi presents a panoply of opportunities. However, it also poses important risks and challenges for regulators, investors, and the financial markets.

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